We want to give you the smoothest introduction to your training day possible.
If there is a question you have that isn’t answered here please reach out to us with an email to manager@ridersacademy.com.au

Photos from your event, are uploaded 2-3 days post event and can be viewed and purchased here.

Can I get a refund for my booking?
  • There are no refunds, in part or in full, within 10 consecutive days prior to an event regardless of the reason (including, but not limited to; weather conditions; work requirements; motorcycle problems; family crisis; and health problems incl Covid 19).
  • Vouchers, coupons or gift certificates are not redeemable for cash
  • COVID 19 – If one of our events are not able go ahead due to a Government enforced lockdown, you can elect to:
    • Transfer to another event of equal value
    • Receive a voucher of equal value to use when you are ready to rebook
    • Receive a full refund
Can I change my booking date?

Riders may reschedule their booking to another date, provided:

  • It is not a part of a group booking;
  • The request is made more than 10 days prior to the event;
  • A $35 processing fee is paid per position booked
Can I transfer my booking to another name?

Riders may transfer a position to another rider provided:

  • It is not a part of a group booking;
  • The rider taking the position fits the criteria for the booked riding group;
  • A $35 processing fee is paid per position booked at least 24 hours before the start of the event
  • Riders are not permitted to hand over their booking to another rider, either in part or in full, at any time during an event.
Gift Vouchers
  • Riders Academy Gift Vouchers are valid for a 12 month period from the date of issue
  • Extensions are possible for an additional fee. Please contact us for more information
  • Vouchers are not redeemable for cash
What happens if the weather is bad?

We ride in the rain! We use wet weather to really focus in on your safe control of your motorcycle. Refunds will not be given due to weather conditions.

What if I can’t make it on the day?

Riders Academy accepts no responsibility if a rider fails to attend, cannot ride, is unfit to ride, or chooses not to ride in all or part of the day regardless of the reason (including, but not limited to; weather conditions; work requirements; motorcycle problems; family crisis; and health problems). On the day of the event there are no refunds or reschedules either in part or in full, including hire equipment.

All riders must ensure they book into the correct group for their riding ability.

All riders must ensure they book into the correct group for their riding ability. Should any riders be found to have deliberately booked into an incorrect group for their riding ability, they may be forced to sit out sessions awaiting possible availability in a correct group. This will be strictly enforced and you may forfeit your ticket. There are no transfers or refunds available for missed sessions should this situation.

The minimum licence requirement is a Learners Licence.

The minimum licence requirement to participate in a Riders Academy Training Academy Day is a Learners Permit in streetSKILLS and a Provisional Licence in trackSKILLS (issued by the road transport authority within your state/country).


Should there be stoppages during the day due to incidents, breakdowns, inclement weather, or any other issue that could reasonably be considered outside of Riders Academys control, there will be no reimbursement, reschedule or compensation for any missed track time in any way, shape or form.

Safety is our first priority at all Riders Academy Training Days.

Riders Academy staff and coaches take safety very seriously. We have a zero tolerance for any on and off track behaviour that could potentially put another rider at risk. We have many systems in place to mitigate risk on a variety of levels and ensure that your time with us fun, educational and above all safe.

What Gear do I need?

(also known as RideSAFE for Australian Defence Force personnel)

Riders in our streetSKILLS courses can ride in road gear. However, please note for safety reasons, any rider wearing road gear is required to stay at road speed (110km/h maximum) whilst on track.

Road gear requires you to have at minimum:

  • Full face helmet of Australian Standards or European Standards
  • Motorcycle jacket
  • Full length motorcycle specific pants (we recommend Kevlar as a minimum)
  • Motorcycle gloves that cover your wrists
  • Boots that cover your ankles (no exposed skin)
  • We recommend that all riders in all groups wear a back protector

Riders in all trackSKILLS courses are required to wear:

  • Motorcycle leather one-piece suit or 2-piece leather jacket and pants which zip together (no textile clothing allowed),
  • Leather motorcycle gloves that cover your wrists (no exposed skin)
  • Full-face helmet of minimum Australian Standards or equivalent
  • Full height leather motorcycle boots which overlap the leather pants (no exposed skin)
  • We recommend that all riders in all groups wear a back protector.

Is my bike eligible for the event?

All bikes are welcome at our events as long as they are in safe running order.All participants are responsible for ensuring their motorcycle is suitable mechanical condition. Any motorcycle that is currently road-registered is suitable for track riding. Please use this checklist as a guide for your preparation.

  • Camera and/or timing equipment (labelled with name) and secured to bike with 1) manufacturer’s mount and 2) tethered from secondary fixture to unit
  • Tyres are above wear indicator, wear is even and pressures set to your motorcycle manufacturers specification
  • Mirrors are removed or taped over glass or folded back.
  • Bags, panniers saddle bags, luggage rails, tank bags or rack bags of any kind removed.
  • Communication / helmet headsets are to be removed
  • Remove any L and P plates if they are not securely attached
Can I use a Slash Exhaust

No, we do not allow slash or cut exhausts. Mufflers must not have a sharp edge on the outlet exhaust

Can I take pictures or film at events?

No. We also have an on-site photographer to capture the action both on and off track. These photos will be made available to you for purchase shortly after the event via a link in email.

Can I use a lap timer or video recorder on my bike?

Yes, video Recording and Lap timing devices are allowed at Riders Academy Training Days. Any camera or timing devices are to be secured to bike with the manufacturer’s mount and tethered from secondary fixture to unit.

What if my lap timer or video recorder falls off my bike?

In the event of a camera / timing device falling off your bike please note the following:

  • Should your camera/timer fall off during a session DO NOT attempt to stop during your riding session. We cannot and will not stop the day to look for a camera/timer.
  • There is NO track access to the circuit at anytime before, during, or after the event to search for missing cameras and timing devices.
  • Should your camera/timer be recovered by a marshal or event organiser, you must be able to identify your camera/timer easily.
Can I ride with a helmet mounted camera, a backpack, or other personal attachments?

No, only equipment directly mounted and tethered to your motorcycle is permitted. The only gear you should be wearing is your motorcycle safety gear.

Important: Any footage released publicly that is deemed inappropriate to be viewed (such as crashes and / or situations resulting in serious injuries to participants) and / or footage that is considered damaging to the venue, industry or Riders Academy, could result in the banning of the rider from future events
How do I know if my tyres are worn?

Tread wear indicator bars are moulded into the tread grooves at regular intervals around the tyre to indicate when a tyre is worn to its limit of safety. Where it is difficult, is when your tyres are worn in the middle and not on the edges, or more on one side than the other. In any case, a training day will push your tyres and bike more than any other riding you do. If your tyres are at or close to the wear indicator is it safest for you and your motorcycle to invest in a new set of tyres.

What are the best Pressures?
  • Riders in the streetSKILLS / RideSKILLS course – refer to your manufacturers guide for tyre pressure
  • Riders in the trackSKILLS course – depending on your speed, tyre manufacturer, and track temperature, tyre pressures to vary. If you don’t know, please speak with us on the day.
Can I ride with a plug (puncture repair) in my tyre?

No it is not recommended on the track. The pace and heat that your tyres experience on the track make a plugged tyre unsafe. It is best to replace the tyre for your ride day.

How much are your tyres at the track?

We provide tyres and tyre fitting services at the track. Should you wish to purchase tyres please email us as soon as possible prior to the event so we can assist in securing your order.

How much to change a tyre?
  • If you bring up the rim, the tyre change price is $20 per tyre
  • If you bring in the bike, the tyre change price is $40 per tyre
Do I need tyre warmers?

No, you do not need tyre warmers.

Do I need to tape my mirrors?

All mirrors need to be turned in or taken off. If neither of these are possible, we require you to cover your mirrors by placing tape over them, so please ensure you bring tape for this purpose. The reason for this to keep your attention on what is happening in front of you. It is the responsibility of the rider behind you to keep a safe distance and pass in a safe manner.

Do I need to bring my own tape to tape my mirrors?

If possible bring your own tape, however, if you forgot on the day we will have some available for you.

Sydney Motorsport Park:
Are food and drinks available?

At Sydney Motorsport Park there is a café serving sandwiches, hot food, cold drinks, and snacks. The café operators will give 45mins notice prior to close. Vending machines are available at all times.

Is there power available?

Power is available Sydney Motorsport Park, Lakeside Raceway and Barbagallo raceway.

Can my friends and family watch?
  • Yes, all spectators, including pit and support crew must wear enclosed shoes, and must be able to be aware of and identify hazards.
  • No one under the age of 16 years is permitted in the Pit Area unless accompanied by an adult with the only exception, Riders in an event who have been cleared for participation by the Event Organiser.
Can I keep my bags in my pit area?

Yes. However, we do not accept responsibility for the security of your belonging.

Lakeside Driver Training Center:
Are food and drinks available?
  • The track canteen will not be open, so please ensure you bring your own snacks and lunch.
  • A fridge is available.
Is there power available?

There is no power available at Lakeside Training Centre and the circuit is not suitable for bikes on warmers

Can my friends and family watch?
  • There are no spectators or photography of any kind allowed at Lakeside DTC unless cleared by the Riders Academy beforehand
  • Please ensure you are well hydrated the day before and bring plenty of fluids

All Junior riders must be 13 years of age or older.

  • Junior riders must hold an MA licence with Senior Endorsement to include Road Race Production 250cc-500cc 4-stroke to ride in groups outside of Junior specific Groups
  • If 16 or under, all Juniors must have an adult parent or guardian with them. That adult or parent guardian must also sign on and acknowledge the Waiver Statement
  • All endorsements need to shown at the Sign On / Registration desk
  • Must be riding Supersport 300, R3, Ninja 400 or moto 3 bikex
    • No R15s on SMSP GP Circuit (they can be used on the South Circuit)

Please make sure you tick the Junior box in your bookings.

Riders Academy is actively working with our track partners, governing bodies and relevant agencies to ensure we maintain a safe and healthy environment for our customers and team whilst attending a Riders Academy event.

Please note that from 11th October 2021, it is a condition of entry into Sydney Motorsport Park that you be double vaccinated for the Covid 19 Virus. See here for details on Condition of Entry

All riders attending Riders Academy are expected to adhere to the following:

  • If you are sick or even slightly unwell, please DO NOT attend
  • Screening at Gate A. Sydney Motorsport Park will ensure no one with any symptom or prior indicated exposure or identified risk factor(s) are allowed on site. Screening will be conducted initially by gate staff, and overseen by a medical provider. Please be respectful and patient to staff as they conduct this screening. IMPORTANT: What happens if our medical provider ASA, screens a person upon entry who they identify as being “at risk” – That person will be denied entry and turned away. The Australian racing Drivers Club (ARDC) have authorised ASA to have the final decision as to who is or isn’t allowed on site during COVID restricted entry. *NOTE: Contact details recorded by ARDC may include names, numbers and email addresses
  • Maintain 1.5m physical distancing
  • Maintain good hand hygiene
  • Practice respiratory hygiene (cover your mouth, sneeze/cough into you elbow)
  • Upon arrival, please WASH your hands
  • Use provided hand sanitiser regularly and prior to signing our Participant Declaration (Waiver)
  • All riders remain in or on vehicles as you arrive at the event until you receive directions
  • No pit crew or spectators permitted
  • Our briefings will now be conducted via the PA system, with you outside or in your garage. If you are new to the track and need clarification on anything in the briefing, please seek out any of our team who will assist you
  • Limit the amount of time you spend at the venue before and after the event
  • Our team will wipe down common use areas such as door handles, tap handles, hand with antiseptic spray and disinfectant wipes
  • To ensure you stay well hydrated, bring your own water
  • We also recommend Downloading the COVIDSafe app
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