Information For All Venues We Train On

Allow yourself plenty of time! There could be a queue when you arrive so please arrive early enough to allow time for sign on processes.

Generally speaking, we allow access to events 60-90 minutes before we are due on track, so please note the event specific times in your Final Instructions Email which will be sent up to 3 days prior to the event . Please take direction from venue or Rider Academy Staff once you arrive. Our training days are full days, with sign on from 7.00am and last group off track at 4.30pm.

Please ensure you allow enough time to:

  • Sign on: Please bring your Road, MA or Race licence with you
  • Safety Briefing (Mandatory): Any rider who does not attend may not be allowed on the track

You will be given further instruction at the mandatory Riders Safety Briefing and we will be available for any questions you may have on the day

NOTE – Depending on what time you arrive at the track, it could take up to 40 minutes to complete this process, so please arrive as early as possible.

Sydney Motorsport Park
Sydney Motorsport Park

Aside from reserved areas for groups and/or ARDC Members, garages are available for all attendees on a first-come-first-served basis unless otherwise advised in your Final Instruction email. All garages areas are shared spaces so please limit your usage so that every rider has an appropriate amount of space

  • Juniors will need a parent or guardian and Rider Net registration information
  • Your wristband, which indicates which group you will be riding in and provided at Sign On will be stamped – if you do not have a stamped wristband, you will potentially forfeit your right to be on track for the day.
Instructions for GP Circuit Event
Instructions for South Circuit Events
Lakeside Driver Training Centre

Once you arrive at Lakeside DTC, Follow the gold line to the Rider Training Centre (DTC) at Lakeside. There may be times when entry is via the main gate so we will need you to take direction on the day should it be required.

This is a streetSKILLS course and not suitable for race bikes.

Final Instructions for Lakeside
Lakeside Driver Training Centre